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We invite you to come and experience the world's best kosher pizza & other delicacies

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Bubbies Bistro
5204 Ventnor Ave.
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Tuvya and Elisheva Stern opened Bubbies Bistro with a vision of creating the best Kosher Italian and Mediterranean food.  Tuvya's Bubby came to Atlantic City with her family in the early 1900's and soon thereafter established a grocery store and food emporium.  She had an Italian neighbor who shared with Bubby some of the secrets of Italian cooking.  Bubby was intrigued and decided to see if she could make some of these very same delicacies but do it in a kosher way.  Some of these same recipes have been passed down to us and are part of what we are offering today.

The Legend of Bubbies Pizza
In addition, Tuvya, who tasted his very first pizza in 1958 was enthralled and became an aficionado from that moment on.  He befriended an old Italian pizza maker on the boardwalk in Atlantic City where he grew up.  The man would let Tuvya watch as he made his pizzas, never revealing to him the secrets of the dough or the sauce. 

It wasn't until many years later when the old man was on his deathbed that he called for Tuvya to come visit him.  When Tuvya arrived, he called him over and whispered in his ear the secret of the dough and the sauce.  He said, "my own sons are unworthy but to you I share the secret of my recipes." 

This is what Bubbies Bistro brings you today.  Part of the secret is to use only the freshest ingredients made from scratch.  The rest you'll have to taste yourself.  

Bubbies Bistro

Kosher Italian
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